Roisin Duffy


It’s a long way down,

except if you’re a sheep

and your feet

have mini-magnets

glued to the bottom,

so you’re perfectly able

to munch away

to your heart’s content

balanced on the rim

of a deep ravine,

and not even thinking

of the drop.

At least that’s how

I always think

of sheep in the mountains

and the edges of cliffs,

not a care

in the world,

as they go through

their days

with a thousand foot

drop right under

their noses.

If they don’t have magnets

I can’t see what stops

them rolling

over the edge

and a long way down,

as I watch through my fingers

over my eyes

just in case.

But it never seems

to happen.

Gravity in sheep

must be different,

like it is in space.

© Roisin Duffy

Price: €220.  

Size: 12” x 12”.

          Title: A LONG WAY DOWN

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