Roisin Duffy



stole my anchor and my mooring,

my moon and my stars.

My boat

bobs on the water,

no nearer to the far shore than when I left,

all those years ago.

Then, I thought, I knew my route,

I bought the maps and read the guides,

I thought I had time on my side.

Fool, I was, to assume I knew it all.

To think I would glide effortlessly into port,

my future mapped, my goals achieved,

my life as I imagined.

Not for me that streamlined crossing.

Life conspired to blow to smithereens

my expectations,

my plans and hopes are flotsam

on the churning tide.

Now, I must start again.

With no new maps, no buoys or markers

to follow,

I must reassess.

I must suspend

my rigid plans set in stone,

my preconceived notions,

of a known destination.

Instead I will float, until I see a safe shore,

until a lighthouse rises from the mist.

Not the same shore I once set sail for,

but a landing that may ultimately,

be a better one,

for me.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Title: ADRIFT.

Price: €800. Size: 36” x 24”.

Artist & Poet

This painting will be available to view/purchase as part of a group touring exhibition in the Market House Arts Centre, Monaghan, 3rd October - 14th November.

See Events page for more details.