Roisin Duffy

Price: €220.  

Size: 12” x 12”.

          Title: BIG FISH, SMALL POND

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Artist & Poet


That’s a big fish for a small pond,

said the sheep to his friend,

I’m not sure I’d like that.

I like to be the watcher,

not the watched, that’s way

too visible for me.

I much prefer the background

to fade into, than being up front

and easy prey.

Oh, I don’t know, said his friend,

there’s lot to be said for a small pond

you can’t really get lost.

And you don’t have to have to

figure stuff out, or think about

which way you have to go.

You can be boss of the small pond

and all the little fish have to do

everything you say.

The sheep, agreed to disagree,

just two different opinions

on the one thing.

And after all, they decided,

sure we’re sheep not fish,

we can’t even swim.

© Roisin Duffy