Roisin Duffy


I built a birdhouse in my garden

and sent an invitation,

to all the birds for miles around

to eat there at my table.

Nothing happened for a while

and then the word began to spread,

soon the air was full of birds

flying round my head.

I stood away a little bit

to let them feed in peace,

they settled down beside the house

and all began to eat.

Soon, there was nothing left,

I had to go to town,

for another bag of seed

which I sprinkled all around.

No sooner than I did,

they gobbled all of it,

and stood and chirped at me for more,

the cheeky little gits.

All day I run from house to town

to get the feed for them,

I’m nearly sorry started …..

but then again ……..

I get such joy from watching them

my eyes derive such pleasure,

from watching all the little birds,

that I can’t regret my offer.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: €750. Size: 31.5” x27 ”.


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