Roisin Duffy


The ground is cracking

underneath my frozen feet,

everything is shaking

while I moan, and wail, and weep.

Every time I look

there’s another crack,

and another fissure opens up,

to claim my good life back.

My life is cracking,

and my heart is pounding with the fear,

that someday I may just fall in,

and I shall disappear.

My little house that keeps me safe,

may slide into a deep abyss,

and all I have, and all I love,

will slide into the deep, with it.

I know it’s just the fear I feel,

that I will loose all I hold dear,

but I will loose it anyway,

if I don’t learn, how to live here.

I’m going to have to learn to step

around the cracks, and my own fright,

to live, and love what happens,

and disregard what might.

copyright Roisin Duffy


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