Roisin Duffy



If you’re going to dance,

then dance

like only the cat is watching,

and the cat doesn’t care.

He’s more concerned with

tasty treats

and naps by the fire,

than your lack or rhythm or flair.

Dance like there’s no audience,

no judgement,

you’re not in the final of Strictly

Come Dancing, live on the telly.

You’re alone in your kitchen,

except for the cat,

so dance for yourself

and your personal pleasure.

Turn the music up loud

and be proud,

let it into your soul and down

through your spine,

dance for the joy that it brings

to your heart

and the positive vibes, that it plants

in your mind.

And if the neighbours might peer

in the window?

Tell them all to go jump,

or join you in prancing

all round the kitchen,

completely uncaring for others opinions,

just lost in the joy,

of the simple pleasure of dancing.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: SOLD.  

Size: 27.5” x 24”.

          Title: DANCE, LIKE ONLY

Artist & Poet

                   THE CAT IS WATCHING