Roisin Duffy


Farmer’s wife went,

and he was left alone,

and every day, all he did,

was weep and cry and moan.

‘Poor me’ he sobbed

‘I’ve no one in my life,

I have no kith nor kin no more,

and now I have no wife’.

Any friends he had,

couldn't take his moans,

and one by one they left him there,

to mither all alone.

They only ones that didn't go,

were planted in the ground,

to keep the birds away from crops,

and so to them he moaned.

They couldn't run, they couldn't leave,

but neither could they hear,

so farmer moaned his heart content,

to those with wooden ears.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: €430. Size: 14” x 20”.


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