Roisin Duffy


There’s a glow inside of

every living thing

if only we could see it,

I think it’s what the more religious

call a soul.

It’s the head and heart

and gut combined,

the essence of your spirit,

and all the deepest corners

of your mind

all meshed together

in a warm yellow glow

like each of us hold

a tiny shining sun

that’s hot but doesn’t burn.

It’s the bit that can’t be

quantified by science

but is felt by everyone around us,

the part inside that is unique

to everyone,

the personality we have

that makes us who we are,

with our deeds and words

and thoughts and dreams,

all gathered into one.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: SOLD.  

Size: 14” x 12”.

          Title: GLOW

Artist & Poet