Roisin Duffy


I may as well try

to hold back the tide

with its slippery fish

and crashing waves

that slide

through my outstretched fingers,

as try to turn back the hands

of time.

I may as well stand

in the ocean and grieve,

for all my days of inaction,

moan for my

missed interactions,

cry salt tears of sorrow

for all of my lost expectations.

I may as well lie

on the floor of the sea

and just stop.

Drum my heels on the ground

like a child in a strop,

and refuse to move on,

til the days and the hours slow down.

But that would do me no good,

for time has no master

and I am just part of that larger

picture of life,

like a cog in a wheel

or a grain in the sand,

a blink, in the eyelid of time.

So instead of regrets

and missed minutes I’ll never get back,

I must look to the future

and savour the path

I have yet to travel along,

rejoice in the days

of new chances to live,

like every new day is my last.

copyright Roisin Duffy


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