Roisin Duffy


If you ever get a boat,

and you want to learn

how to float that boat,

then my advice will always be

just take it to the sea

and float it anyway you please.

There will be rules, of course,

we can’t all just loose

the run of ourselves completely,

but we don’t have to all

row the same narrow channel


The sea is a dangerous place

with rip tides and sandbanks

and approaching storms,

so before you set off

arm yourself with knowledge,

and a bit of cop on.

Then sail until you find your feet,

so to speak, and learn then

how to set your own course,

how to steer your own ship,

and let no one else ever tell you

how to float, your own boat.

copyright Roisin Duffy

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Size: 14” x 12”.

          Title: HOW TO FLOAT

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