Roisin Duffy


I passed by the church

as the wedding ended,

and the bride and groom came out.

They posed for snaps,

with goofy grins plastered across

their beaming faces,

suffused with the glow of love.

A sweet couple on the cusp

of their life together,

they looked at each other

with such a tender gaze,

it made my heart sing.

The beauty of the world

is in the little things, like love.

It’s in the long days ahead

when they will be kind

to each other,

and patient, and true.

When they will be there for each other,

not matter what it costs,

and what else they loose.

My faith restored

in the goodness in the world,

and the love that abounds,

I passed on.

With a fuller heart, and a warm glow.

copyright Roisin Duffy


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