Roisin Duffy


The foxy ladies spend their days

rescuing russet haired vixens,

from the sabre teeth of snarling dogs

who give no quarter to a fox

going about her own, foxy business.

They hide in ditches

and thwart horses and hounds,

distracting, and masking scent

from the razor sharp noses of the hunters,

hell bend on catching their prey.

They save soft fur from puncture

and small limbs from destruction

and tiny hearts from explosion in a sea of red,

with no fear for themselves from the baying

of red coats, with red faces, and strident horns.

Their pack surrounds them, in a secret location,

far from the hunting grounds.

They gather in a sea of gratitude

by nature’s most beautiful creatures,

for another chance, another life, another day.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: €1700. Size: 36” x 50”.


Artist & Poet

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