Roisin Duffy


The golden child is not the one

who arrives clutching

the silver spoon of privilege,

nor the one who is to the manor,

or the mansion, or the castle, born.

The golden child is the child who is

his mother’s favourite son,

the apple of his father’s eye

the pet of all his maiden aunts,

the friend of all he meets.

He is the lucky one,

who comes with stacks of golden coins

made of choices, and chances,

and time to grow, to be a child.

To learn, and to love, and to be loved.

He is the one who survives unscathed,

who doesn’t carry the scabbed-over

scars of childhood hurt,

who dodged the bullets of bullies,

the slicing hurt of cruel words and taunts.

He is the one who will live to old age,

without being hurt and torn by others

for their own gain, or to salve their pain.

He will not be dragged down,

by the trails of life, by disappointment, or fear.

The golden child fears little, and hates less.

He will not be formed into a bitter thing,

by circumstance and loss.

He will instead, bring his golden light,

into the lives of all he knows.

copyright Roisin Duffy


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