Roisin Duffy


I met a man, who told me of a house

at the foot of hills so full of gold

they shimmered in the evening light.

He said it was for sale, just big enough for one,

it could be snapped up for a song

if I was inclined, to move my home.

I bought it straight away, my fortune for to make,

with hills so full of gold to mine

it couldn’t ever be, a big mistake.

I only packed my pick, and my trusty shovel,

nothing else I brought with me

for gold I’d soon discover.

I toiled for weeks from dawn to dusk

and never found a nugget, or a precious metal,

or a shining vein within a rock.

One day I had enough, and quit

before the evening sun had dipped behind

the zig-zag line, of pointed hills.

As the sun swept along the hills,

I found where all the gold was stored,

right under my unseeing nose.

The setting sun lit the hills in vibrant yellow,

it’s golden glow upon their stone shimmered

more than any precious metal.

I felt at peace then, in my house for one,

my riches not of coin, but the gift

of every day a golden setting sun.

It is a fleeting sight, ten minutes at the most,

but it gladdens me so much I feel

content to live forever at the foot of hills of gold.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: Sold. Size: 23” x 23”.


Artist & Poet