Roisin Duffy


It’s an uphill struggle

when you’re six inches long

and there’s a song in your head

that says you must swim this way, quick,

and get over this hurdle, hurry,

and leap with utter faith,

urgency beating a pulse

that keeps driving you on.

I sat all day watching the salmon

at the falls, queuing and leaping

from the pond below.

Some flipped and leapt majestically,

up an impossible height

and at the top, flashed silver

and disappeared on up the river,

like it was nothing.

Others, not so lithe, or lucky, failed

and flopped back to the pond

to try again. And again.

Tiredness setting in,

each attempt ending in pure desperation.

The urge to scoop them up

in a child’s net and deposit them

safe at the top was overwhelming,

but who am I to question nature’s intention.

So I went on my way, and left them

to figure out their own selection.

copyright Roisin Duffy



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