Roisin Duffy


One day in the woods I found a toadstool,

and I brought it home to cook,

with butter on the pan

and a little pinch of salt,

my mouth began to water at the thought.

I thought I’d better Google it,

just to be sure, that it wasn’t

one of those that kill you with a bite,

like in fairy tales and murder mystery plots,

as I really didn’t want to die.

Google said it’s fine, but doubt crept in,

so I searched on every site

for mushrooms and their kin,

but the more I searched the more I found

they all looked the same.

The more I looked the more I felt

I couldn’t make a judgement,

as I couldn’t tell the difference

between a toadstool for the kitchen,

and a toadstool that could cause destruction.

My head was wrecked with the stress

and the stakes were way too high,

as indecision wormed its way on in

I knew there could be only one solution,

and I chucked my lovely toadstool in the bin.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: SOLD.  

Size: 14” x 12”.

          Title: TOADSTOOL

Artist & Poet